USD/CHF : The indicator SSI FXCM is currently at 5.43 per, and shows that 84% of traders are buyers, indicating a potential bearish reversal

The indicator of the positioning of FXCM, the SSI (Speculative Sentiment Index) shows that traders are at 84% of buyers on the USD/CHF.

Traders at FXCM are currently 84% of buyers on the USD/CHF, so the pair may find it difficult to mount and may resume its decline.

What is the SSI from FXCM ?

The SSI (Speculative Sentiment Index) FXCM PLUS is an excellent tool enabling you to measure the positioning and the general feeling of traders on the Forex market. This tool can help you decide on the positioning of your trades.

For more information and to install the indicator directly on your trading platform TS 2, allowing you to track in real time, visit the dedicated page of FXCM.

Check out also the set of indicators proposed by FXCM.

Don’t forget that clients FXCM receive free services, PFX !

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