CAC 40 : stock index of Paris is holding above 5100 but will he be able to climb quickly back up ?

The CAC40 starts the week quietly, hovering between 5120 and 5150.

Indeed, the fall of Friday was dampened above the threshold of 5100, now in place, the lowest of the last week.

However, the index remains heavy and does not significantly go up.

We could therefore have a new attempt to the downside in the direction of the 5100 in a first time.

Below, we will have then the threshold of the 5070, and then the 5040 below, which is also the lower bound of the downtrend channel.

Has the upside, a rise above immediate resistance at 5150 could encourage a return to the 5200, it will then have to break to put in danger the area of the 5230, and particularly the terminal high of the channel in this area.

In the longer term, an exit from the top of the channel could offer an interesting trading opportunity in the short term.

The cac 40 is currently trading at 5125 on the Paris stock exchange.

Chart CAC40 H4

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